We will design and create your chatbot! Individually and customized.
We will create a unique personality for your virtual assistant and breath life into it.

What we do:

  • Education “Chatbots Academy”
    We can give you and your company an overview of the Chatbot ecosystem, the technical possibilities and limitations, and the chances and potentials for your customers.
  • Conception-Workshop
     Together we will help you plan and develop your future chatbot so that you can realize its full potential as soon as possible. The result of a workshop is typically a specification for a chatbot.
  • Specification of Chatbots
    You don’t want to bother with the technicalities? No problem, we can create the full functional specification based on your input and requirements.
  • Project management / Consulting
    Your team needs guidance in the development of chatsbots or you are looking to improve efficiency? We can help you achieve your goals quicker!
  • Development and Hosting
    Let us take care of everything from conception to development and hosting. With our service you will not need to worry about any technical issues and can concentrate on your core business.


What we can offer you:

  • White Label solution of a recommendation “Concierge” bot (based on Mica, the Hipster Cat Bot)
  • Hotel reservation bot – another service channel to generate bookings
  • Personality bot – Your talent is not online 24/7? Your bot could be!
  • Available add-ons
    • Login Module
    • Bot Management System for Translations, Premium Content Management etc.
    • Data through external APIs
    • Custom Logo / Avatar / Personality created by our specialized designers
    • Localization
    • Analytics
    • Questionnaires
    • Customized add-ons
  • Individual custom bots – your carefully handcrafted high quality software product!

Just contact us for prices and a personal appointment!

For our chatbots we developed the M.I.C.A. (Modular Intelligent Communications Application) framework.

M.I.C.A. framework

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